Watauga Wayfinding Sign Foundation

Watauga Wayfinding Sign Foundation

Areté Engineers provided design services for forty one (41) proposed sign structures consisting of up to four (4) different sign types. Signs to be installed across Watauga County to give directions to different points of interest within the county. Drafting and visual design completed by Destination by Design. Structural design includes: thickness of main vertical post, design of horizontal members, design of connections, and footing/foundation design.

We worked with the manufacturer to switch the main vertical post from steel to aluminum. We inspected the foundation holes and rebar to ensure proper installation.

Structural Details:

  • Concrete pier foundation with reinforcement
  • Post base connection to foundation
  • Structural frame sizing
  • Structural frame connections
Wayfinding Sign in Watauga County
Wayfinding Sing Footing