Frazier’s Pavilion


Areté Engineers assisted in the design of a pavilion structure located in Beach Mountain, NC. This wedding and event structure required large open bay doors in a high wind, high exposure location.  Aretè took over completion of structural construction documents for the project in early 2019. The project consisted of a wood-framed floor combined with an existing slab to support assembly level live loads. The roof structure was framed with pre-manufactured trusses, supported by LVL beams bearing on large 24”x24” fully grouted CMU (concrete masonry unit) columns. Structural steel angled braces were designed to transfer lateral loads between the LVL beams and CMU columns. Custom structural steel brackets were also designed for the LVL beam bearing connections to the columns. A 3-D structural model was developed and used for analysis and design due to the unique layout and wind exposure. The structure also contains a small upper floor area to serve as a dressing room for weddings.

Structural Details:

  • Unique Combination of Pre-Manufactured Trusses, LVL Beams, Structural Steel, CMU Columns, and a Conventionally Framed Wood Floor Systems.
  • High Wind Exposure and Loads + High Floor Live Loads due to Occupancy
  • Incorporation and Combination of Existing and New Foundation Components

Beach Mountain, NC



Scope of Work

Pavilion Design