Challenge Course at ETSU

Our Role in the Project

The Challenge Course at East Tennessee State University was a unique project for us here at Areté Engineers. New to the campus of ETSU, this challenge course also called an aerial park, due to its many daunting features towering high above ground level, is sure to catch the eye of any adventurous passerby. Timber towers comprised of multi level platforms, reaching heights of over 40 feet, are the primary components which bear horizontal wire cables essential for supporting numerous traverses, climbing features, and engineered belay systems. The course also features a 280 ft. long dual zip line, supported by timber towers that lead to landing decks, all of which are stabilized by guy cables to ensure proper support when the cables are subject to maximum loading. Safety and dependability is paramount for a project of this nature, which is why we left no stone unturned in assuring that the design and construction of this course met with top engineering standards. Even if heights aren’t your thing, participants can feel safe and sound while navigating through this exciting new challenge course.


Challenge Design Innovations Inc.


East Tennessee State University, Johnson City TN